In addition to software innovations annual conference WWDC brought a few new devices. Among them was a completely new Mac Pro is aimed primarily at professionals who need maximum performance.

Apple has taken into account its past experience and in developing the new Mac Pro in the corner-put the feasibility and ease of update. Especially for this kupertinovtsy back to the usual desktop body. But at the same time made some changes that affect the appearance of your computer.

The basis for the new Mac Pro is a steel skeleton. On top of it fitted aluminum case, and hidden inside the model filling. According to kupertinovtsy, to access components of the computer as easy – this greatly facilitates the process of repair and upgrade. However, the latter possibility should be useful to users soon.

New Mac Pro based on Xeon processors. In this case the choice is as relatively “slow” 8-core 16-thread chips, and “monsters” with 28 cores and 56 threads. Also on the motherboard has 12 DIMM slots that allow you to place half a terabyte of RAM DDR4 ECC (2666-2933 MHz), and 8 PCI Express slots (4 of them are designed for dual-slot cards, three single and one “half” to set the I/O card).

The basic model computer equipped with a graphics card Radeon Pro 580X. But if necessary, users can purchase more powerful Radeon Pro Duo Vega II. And in the maximum configuration of such cards you can install two. As a result, total graphic memory will increase to 64 GB and a compute capacity of 56 teraflops.

But that’s not all. To accelerate graphics and videos, Apple has come up with the cost of Afterburner, ProRes and ProRes RAW accelerator card. It provides a two-fold accelerated rendering in Final Cut Pro X. According to representatives of Apple, this solution allows the Mac Pro with ease simultaneously process up to three clips at resolutions up to 8K.

The drive slots in the Mac Pro only two. The database is using only one module. It takes the SSD to 256 GB. However, if necessary, users can significantly expand available capacity up to 4 TB.

As for external ports, the lot of them. The Mac Pro features PCIe-card, which has two USB-A 3.0 and two Thunderbolt ports 3 (USB-C). A couple Thunderbolt 3 is located on the top panel, and at the bottom of the computer is two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. For wireless communications the computer has a receiver Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 5.0.

During the presentation, Apple just announced the cost of the basic version of Mac Pro. She is 5999 dollars. Price top of new items is now unknown. Also unknown is the start date of sales.


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