Specialists iFixit disassembled a new MacBook Pro 15 with Touch Bar, which was almost non-repairable.

Rabbany MacBook Pro 15 was equipped with a 6-core processor Intel Core i7-9750H, AMD Radeon Pro, 555X, 16GB of RAM and ROM capacity of 256 GB SSD. However, the version with the 8-core Core i9 in terms of design and build is no different.

Design advantages

The presentation of the new MacBook Pro 15 with Touch Bar representatives of the company announced the decision of problems with “sticky” keys with new material mechanism. iFixit, comparing the materials, confirmed the statements of the Apple. Another positive aspect of design was the easily extractable touchpad.

Design flaws

One of the many disadvantages of the construction are soldered on the motherboard components, including the processor, RAM, and SSD that makes it virtually impossible to replace components individually.

In addition, keyboard, battery, speakers, and Touch Bar are laminated together, which prevents their separate replacement. In conclusion, the sensor is the power key and the Touch ID is connected to the chip T2.

The verdict iFixit

Thus, to repair a new MacBook Pro 15 you need to contact official service centers, or to change all components together, which greatly increases the cost of the repair. In this regard, the verdict of maintainability MacBook Pro 15 from iFixit extremely disappointing — minimum 1 point out of a possible 10.

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