Apple is to blame.

MacBook Pro latest generation iMac Pro can be repaired only in an official certified workshops. Apple added to IOS a new feature that prevents the starting of the device after replacement of parts in a third-party service. Similar restrictions will apply to all new models of Mac computers.

According to MacRumors, the MacBook Pro 2018 Pro and iMac, equipped with chips T2, after some repairs must pass a diagnostic software with the help of specially designed tools Apple. If this diagnostic does not hold, the repair will be considered incomplete, and the device will not work. In other words, third-party shops will not be able to fix a broken laptop or desktop.

On MacBook Pro software check must be carried out after repair or replacement of the display, motherboard, Touch ID, keyboard, battery, trackpad and speakers. On iMac Pro after works connected with the motherboard or drive. About new terms of service reporters learned from an internal Apple document. This information can be trusted.

Software device verification after repair — the bad news for the owners of “gray” technology and those who bought laptop or desktop on the secondary market. In case of failure, these users can’t do with your expensive device.

Source: MacRumors


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