Active players Fortnite has managed to pass the mission of the fifth week of the fifth season of the game and look forward to new jobs. Cult of Mac has become aware of some fresh quests.

Most of the jobs are offers missions the previous week. But there are a number of intriguing quests.

Execute weekly missions Fortnite is a great way to earn extra stars to Battle Pass. Typing 50 stars, the player can climb the five tiers and collect rewards not available to other users and to take advantage during battles Battle Royale.

On the sixth week of the fifth season, most likely, will appear seven special missions. Three of them are for free:

  • 500 damage from a shot to the head of the enemy player will receive 5 stars;
  • for the collection of 3000 construction resources with the picks — 5 stars;
  • for the search directions, where to watch stone heads — 10 stars.

Mission Battle Pass:

  • find seven chests to Lonely Lodge — 5 stars;
  • completion of the five limited-time trials — 5 stars;
  • earn minigun or two exceptions to the LMG — 10 stars;
  • to beat three opponents in the Inclined Towers of 10 stars.

Most of the quests will be familiar to players. Minor differences are relate locations and tools.

New tests will be available from August 16, 2018. So users still have time to complete the previous mission.


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