“Oxygen software”, a Russian developer and supplier of advanced tools for expert data exploration of mobile devices, cloud services, drones, and PCs, announces a new flagship product — “Forensic Expert”.

“Our team tried to create an entirely new software product of digital forensics with a large set of analytical tools that will enable forensic investigators to more effectively work with data”, says Sergey Sokolov, General Director of the company “oxygen software”. “The main trend of the modern world is fast and at the same time deep meaningful analysis of the huge amount of information. We are confident that our product fully meets these parameters,” — says Sergey.

“MK Expert” is a perfect multifunctional tool that combines all the possibilities of “MK Detective” and a new unique functionality. It allows you to perform a complete digital investigation in one product and provides the following features:

extracting physical images and backups mobile gadgets many popular brands (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, DJI, etc.) on different operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.) and various chipsets (Qualcomm, MTK, Spreadtrum etc.).

extraction and analysis of data from the cloud storage instant messengers, social networks, email services, applications for photos, online stores, business apps, taxi apps and car-share, fitness trackers and other services.

import images to mobile devices and other gadgets from third-party sources will provide the most complete set of data and analyze them using the analytical tools of the program.

powerful analytical functionality: new tools — “Statistics” and “Group file browser”, as well as advanced topics “Graph”, “Contacts”, “timeline”, “Search” and key evidence.

search and retrieval of laptops and PCs such forensically important information like logins, passwords, and tokens, wifi access points and passwords, messages, media files and contacts from desktop versions of instant messengers, emails, and contacts from e-mail agents information about the system etc.

a set of additional tools for working with data: working with archived files, storyboard files, video files, decrypting application data, view documents in separate tabs, etc.

Learn more about “Mobile Forensic Expert” can be read here (PDF).

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