Apple should definitely think about the answer.

Samsung has announced the launch of a new and unique leasing programs in Russia. From 1 October 2018 Samsung will offer the Russians the acquisition of the flagship Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note9 for a fixed monthly fee and unlimited free exchange for a new model.

Under the new program Samsung Russians will be able to get a new flagship smartphone every year for a monthly fee, the amount of which at the moment is not disclosed. Exchange smartphone for the new 12 months will get absolutely free if it is in good condition. In that case, if your smartphone has any defects, the buyer will be required to make additional payments in exchange for a new model. Payment repair optional — after 12 months of monthly payments smartphone completely passes into the possession of the buyer.

Also the Russians will be able to convert the smartphone to a new through 6 months after purchase. In this case, it will have to pay 3 900 rubles. Another feature of the new leasing program Samsung is free repair smartphone. Participants will be able once to replace a broken screen or back panel of the smartphone.

What will Apple?

Russian experts have long argued that Apple should offer the Russians more profitable promotions to increase sales of the iPhone. As an example, Apple regularly provides Huawei, which not so long ago for the first time surpassed American companies on the number of smartphones sold. Huawei launches constantly new promotions with major Russian retailers and in the popular Russian Internet-stores.

Possible that Apple decides to respond to Samsung on the launch of her such a generous offer. In the US, Apple has a program iPhone Upgrade Program that allows you to get a new iPhone every year for a monthly subscription without paying. Probably the equivalent of such a program in the future will be launched in Russia. However, at the moment Apple has not commented on the new move by Samsung.

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