Samsung has introduced a new energy-efficient memory modules for smartphones. The second generation LPDDR4X consumes 10% less power without compromising speed.

All Apple smartphones, the presentation of which took place in 2017, equipped boards LPDDR4X the first generation. Previous versions of the iPhone were equipped with RAM modules of the same series. Therefore, most likely, future devices Corporation of Cupertino will receive RAM Samsung.

Production of the updated LPDDR4X chips has just begun, and that means iPhone model 2018 is unlikely to get such components.

“The emergence of 10-mm class mobile DRAM modules will significantly improve solutions for gadgets next-generation flagship mobile devices that will hit the market later this or early 2019,” said Sevon Chun, senior Vice President of sales and marketing memory cards Samsung Electronics.

Perhaps Samsung will have time to equip LPDDR4X chips the second generation own the Galaxy Note 9, the presentation of which is scheduled on 9 August 2018.

The iPhone fans do not worry, the RAM modules to Samsung, both the first and second generation will work with the same speed — 4,266 MB/s.


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