The Chinese are trying to impress.

Chinese company Oppo has announced that it will present its new “scary” Hyper Boost to speed up smartphones at the event on October 11. Representatives of the Oppo has not disclosed any details, but given the track record of the company, from it we should expect innovation.

Experts believe that Oppo has prepared a response Huawei technologies and its GPU Turbo. Development Huawei significantly improves the performance of smartphones at the games, with this reducing the load on the battery. What is most interesting, Huawei did not make the technology exclusive only for flagships. Over time, her support will appear on a very old smartphone.

It is expected that similar decision will show and Oppo. No details about the development no, but insiders are confident that Oppo will make everyone surprised.

Why tech Oppo can change smartphones?

Oppo is known for its passion for innovative solutions, especially in recent times. While other manufacturers copied the latest iPhone, Oppo is trying to create something completely unique. So, Oppo is focusing on creating quality on-screen fingerprint scanner and the original trying to remove the front camera from the front surface of the smartphone, placing it at the upper end.

At the same time, Oppo remains a Chinese manufacturer manages to produce smartphones “like everyone else”, including repeating for Apple and its latest iPhone.

But the love of new technology, Oppo has, therefore, announced the development of the company can expect a lot. Oppo will present a Hyper Boost for 11 October.

Source: PR.


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