Recently in the network appeared the results of a study conducted by several major publications. According to the findings, most of today’s flagships are discharged faster than its predecessor. This situation is observed in the case of iPhone X and iPhone Xs and Goolge Pixel 3 and Pixel 2. But there are some exceptions, although they occur not very often.

Comparing the battery life, journalists found that the iPhone Xs is running at about 21 minutes less than the iPhone X. Similar is observed with the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone 8 Plus. However, in the latter case the difference in runtime is only 4 minutes.

Experts explain this situation by the lack of innovation in industry production of lithium-ion batteries. According to the CEO of Qnovo — a company involved in optimizing battery – Li-ion batteries has reached its peak. In recent time, the effectiveness of this type of batteries increases by about 5% per year. Actually the battery manufacturers simply cannot keep up with the industry of mobile devices. The expert is sure that in near future the situation will not change dramatically.


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