The publication Variety met with several top managers of Disney Streaming Services (DSS) is the nerve centre of the future streaming Empire of Disney is located in the famous business center of Chelsea market in Manhattan. Journalists spoke with the President of DSS Michael Poll in the midst of preparing to launch a streaming platform giant Disney+, which is scheduled for November 12.

At the time of the meeting to start was exactly two months, a few weeks earlier, the company reported the results for the second quarter. During the conference, the head of Disney Bob iger said that Disney believes+ the most important product of the company for its entire 14 years.

Poll and his team tasked to develop, launch and promote Disney+ ESPN and+. And provide technical support to the General service — Disney+ who put the goal in the next five years to gather an audience of 90 million subscribers. In the streaming arms race Disney invests billions of dollars in amount, and this places a serious responsibility, says the poll: “If you compare the interaction with a very large audience and my previous management experience, covering no more than a few million subscribers, is the day and night.” However, DSS provided enough technical and human resources necessary for the launch of Disney+.

Michael poll, President of Disney Streaming Servises

The team moved to DSS along with its headquarters in Chelsea market in the purchase of a technology company BAMTech for $2.6 billion — these professionals since 2002 worked in a baseball League and MLB, by definition, a consultant and analyst Dan Rayburn, will be for DSS real “commandos streaming”, a team with no equal in modern industry.

Technical Director and Executive Vice President BAMTech Joe Inzerillo adds that his colleagues have proven concrete achievements — for example, streaming project that managed to successfully develop and monetize. The experience of the team, according to Inzerillo, who has worked in MLB for 16 years (and now transformed into Disney), valuable for DSS that the years progressed the staff of a large professional organization interested in applying the latest innovations — often because third-party partners do not meet the requirements of the level of competence because of lack of solid experience.

Over the last year poll (formerly Vice-President of digital video at Amazon) has achieved a significant increase of the state DSS; most of the 1.6 million employees working in new York. In particular, Laura Evans, a former employee of the New York Times, which was entrusted to recruit Department of statistics and Analytics. “We are able to analyse audience behaviour and apply these statistics to improve the quality of the service, interaction with marketing and attracting new audiences,” explains Evans.

Another prominent appointee Poll — senior Vice President, product DSS Jarrel Jimmerson responding to your post product development, UX and design. Jimerson a little over the thirty, but he managed to gain experience in companies such as iHeartRadio, PayPal, Yahoo, and Apple; to DSS he joined in 2018.

The design philosophy of the upcoming Disney+ involves the active promotion of brands, owned by the media conglomerate, including best packages of streaming services. Jimerson emphasizes that Disney+ not for children services and the company is serious to make the platform the main trading platform for your content.

The main office of DSS is located in the historic center of new York, in the building built by Nabisco for more than a century ago — there were baked and sold cookies. Now in the complex, several cordons of security are hard at work on creating the most important project Disney new era. Offices Disney+ operate in Amsterdam and San Francisco, will soon open a representative office in the Asia-Pacific region. Disney expands global campaign, which plans to 2021 to win a majority of national markets. The expansion will begin in November with the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

“We decided to operate independently owned by Disney content instead of to distribute it through third-party partners. After this decision, we took an accelerated pace and must adhere to them,” says poll.

Disney+ for the first time will bring together in one resource the production of Disney and Pixar, National Geographic and other television brands and all the Marvel franchise, and “Star wars.” In September, the platform has earned in test free in the Netherlands.

The service will offer the user a number of carefully designed and tested options — supports 4K, the ability to download movies and TV shows for offline browsing; Disney+ you can simultaneously use it on four devices, in addition can be issued up to seven accounts per subscription. However, some of the planned features to be finalized by the start of the time — for example, the system of user ratings, which Paul and colleagues still discuss. Paul emphasizes that to fully evaluate the service can only be directly in practice, when there comes a real audience.

Quick facts about Disney Streaming Services

State (international) — 1,6 thousand Square new York headquarters — About 10 thousand m2 Principal brands — Disney Plus, ESPN Plus,, Hulu live TV, PlayStation Vue Projected operating expenses Plus Disney About $1 billion in the 2020 fiscal year Projected subscribers Disney Plus — 60-90 million by September 2024

Paul and the team Disney+ ready — to-start- their asset is not only a good experience with but established streaming video services from Hulu and Sony (PlayStation Vue), as well as the success of the sports platform, ESPN+, with more than 2 million subscribers in less than a year, a year after the launch in April 2018.

Executive Vice President and General Manager, ESPN+ Russell Wolff came into DSS after 21 years of working in the company of ESPN. A veteran of the television industry truly admire the modern possibilities of digital Analytics: “Early printout with statistics on viewership got me on the table with the two-month delay, and today the mobile app every 10 minutes and notifies me about new subscribers”.

In the coming years, Disney plans to thoroughly strengthen and expand ownership in new York: in the heart of Hudson square will erect a 19-storey building with an area of 120 thousand m2 and valued at $650 million, where will be located the offices of the DSS, ABC and other disney companies.

Head of DTC and international divisions of The Walt Disney Company International Kevin Mayer — supervisor of Poll. They are both extremely happy to work in new York. Mayer like lively atmosphere of the city, adjusts to the activity and catalytic productivity. Paul, in turn, emphasizes that in new York concentrated a huge amount of talent from the IT and media sector that will be useful to the company. In addition, the office of the Poll is near the famous Park Madison square is the best, in his opinion, places in the city.

SOURCE: Variety

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