The new Museum in new York city and technology giant Apple join forces to create experimental work with augmented reality, which will fulfill Carsten höller, Pipilotti Rist, John giorno and others. As stated by the Director of the New Museum Lisa Phillips, “the New Museum has always been at the intersection of art and technology, and we could not have found a better partner than Apple for support fantastic images of these artists and innovators. Augmented reality is an environment ripe for dynamic and visual storytelling, it can distribute the artist’s work outside of studios and galleries into the fabric of city life.” A new initiative AR [T] will be a continuation of a series of creative and educational programs that are also offered free classes, allowing users to learn the basics of coding your own augmented reality experience. Starting from August 10 of 2019, customers will be able to walk into any Apple store worldwide, and using the app [AR] T Viewer to see a new project augmented reality Amass from the Cave. The project responds to the movement of the viewer, so that its elements each time differently fill the surrounding space. In some cities you will also be able to subscribe to the project [AR] T Walk, which acts as co-curator of the New Museum. Session [AR] T Walk will last from 90 minutes to two hours for ten equipped with an iPhone and headphones guests will be able to see the works of augmented reality “in all their madness.”

Source: artnet

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