In addition to information about new products that Apple will present this fall edition of Bloomberg also shared some data about Apple’s plans for the next year. According to the authors of the resource, in 2020 people will want to wait for the budget version of the HomePod, and AirPods with noise reduction system.

HomePod for $ 200

At the moment HomePod is one of the most expensive smart speakers on the market. However, Apple want to release a more affordable version of this device. According to the journalists, to reduce the cost of the whole structure cupertinos want to reduce the amount used in column speakers from 7 to only 2. Thus, the final cost budget HomePod should fall below $ 200.


It is also expected that next year Apple will let the new version of its compact wireless headphones. The main feature of AirPods third generation should be built-in noise reduction system. In addition, the headphones can receive additional protection from water. However, all these innovations will have a negative impact on price. According to rumors, the AirPods will cost considerably more expensive predecessors. For this reason, cupertinos can save in the sales of both new and older models headphones. In the past such predictions made by some analysts.


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