In the last few years, Apple has almost not changed the appearance of its mobile operating system. The last radical redesign was in 2013, when cupertinos released iOS 7. However, according to the latest forecasts, next year Apple might thoroughly upgrade their mobile operating system.

At the moment no specific information about the features of iOS 14 yet. However, network sources believe that the system will change quite strongly. There’s a chance that in a future update cupertinos thoroughly processed in the first place the iOS interface.

Future changes in the mobile operating system of Apple is associated with two events. First, this year from the post of chief designer of Apple company left Jonathan Ive. Now for design software Apple products meets Alan Grant. It is possible that under his leadership, iOS and macOS will be transformed.

Secondly, next year Apple will show iPhone 12. Many believe that the upcoming Apple smartphones will looks quite different from the current generation iPhone. The upgrade of the iOS interface will only emphasize such changes.


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