Respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo continues to share his predictions about the next generation Apple smartphone, which will be released in 2020. According to experts, within a year, Apple may abandon the True Depth of the camera, replacing it with a more progressive ToF-module.

Thanks to this innovation, the iPhone will be able not only to accurately recognize faces, but also to create advanced 3D models of objects. Based on ToF-cameras are special sensors that are able to emit light and record the speed of its reflection from the object. Knowing the response time, the sensor calculates the exact distance to the subject, working by analogy with a laser rangefinder. Another advantage of such cameras is that they can work at a greater distance. This feature will allow users to unlock the iPhone, bringing it close to the face.

According to forecasts analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the newer more advanced cameras will be installed in two of the three iPhone sample 2020. While ToF modules will be located on the front and on the back of the smartphone.


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