Nizhny Novgorod was in fifth place among the cities with the largest number of contactless payments over the last year. This is shown by the research of Yandex. Money.

Our city is ahead of only Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. When paying so the citizens as a whole spent the most money in cafe “Samurai” and “Moloko Чeрdak”, supermarkets “Red&White”. Check average citizens — 440 rubles. As a whole, they increasingly pay contactless smartphone, not plastic cards.

Took into account the users ‘ payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Pay Garmin virtual and plastic cards Yandex. Money as well as using the HCE technology through the mobile application. We compare data for the last 12 months and during the same period a year earlier.

Over the past year the number of contactless payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Pay Garmin maps Yandex. Money in Nizhny Novgorod grew by 1.9 times. For comparison, in the whole country their number has increased 2.5 times.

How much you spend

Despite the fact that the citizens were more likely to pay contactless, their average bill was reduced over last year by about 5%. In Russia as a whole, the figure is 515 rubles. Most contactless payments in Nizhny Novgorod (92%) — up to $ 1000, 7% — from 1001 to 5000 rubles-1% — 5001 rubles.

If you look at the categories of goods and services, that most residents of Nizhny Novgorod pay contactless products and alcohol (the average check — 359 rubles), orders in a cafe (322 rubles), transport (27 rubles). Next, go shopping in pharmacies (410 rubles) and gas stations (881 ruble), entertainment (498 rubles), clothes, shoes and accessories (1983 ruble), purchases in the salons of cellular communication (12 710 rubles).

Some citizens spend a much larger amount. So, over the past year, the biggest one-time payments Yandex maps. The money was for purchases in stores of the fur — 126 thousand roubles, building materials — 94 thousand rubles, mattresses for sleeping — 76 thousand roubles, furniture — 68 thousand.

Where the pay

Over the past 12 months, with contactless payment residents of Nizhny Novgorod as a whole spent the most money in cafes and grocery stores. In the first three — network cafe “Samurai” cafe “Moloko Чeрdak” and supermarkets “Red&White”. Then there are the hypermarkets Auchan, O’key, Lenta, IKEA, restaurant Mukka, SPAR supermarkets and shops DNS.

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