Product Director at Yandex. Money Alla Savchenko said in an interview with Newsroom24 development of the market for online payments how much money and what the citizens spend in the network, and shared information about trends and payment innovation.

— How is the market for online payments in Nizhny Novgorod?

— Nizhny Novgorod resolutely pursues the path of non-cash. People rarely carry cash, are increasingly paid online. We see from our own statistics: in just one year the number of online payments through Yandex. Money in Nizhny Novgorod increased by 2 times the number of payers — in 2.6 times. This is facilitated by the ubiquity of smartphones and mobile Internet, the growing number of Bank cards, the active development of e-Commerce and payment technologies.

Many processes tend to move from offline to online, like shopping and paying traditional services — utility services, taxes, loans, fines. People are less willing to spend time and effort on the routine: go to the Bank or fiscal, to stand in line, fill out the receipt. Much simpler is to automate, to be performed smart technologies.

Also, paying online is not just convenient, but, importantly, profitable. Cashback, offers, discounts for payment by one method or another shopping and payment services strongly motivate people to pay cashless. For example, we give 5% for payment in the category of the month and every fifth payment card. Thus, it is possible to return to 2000 points (equivalent rubles) per month. And this is 4 traffic fines for speeding or the lion’s share of payment for utility services. The savings are substantial.

Care of cash — a global trend. Russia here is in step with the world: for example, last year, the Central Bank recorded a historically important level — the volume of cashless payments exceeded the volume of cash withdrawal. And this repression will continue as the Finance Ministry has set a target to achieve the same level of non-cash, as in European countries. And this is neither more nor less — 90% of cashless payments. In some countries, for example, Sweden already for cash and a bus ticket hard buy.

— They say that mobile payments are pushed to the desktop?

— That is, the number of payments from smartphones has already exceeded the number of payments from desktop. Mobile payments — generally one of the main trends of recent years. The phone is always at hand, it focuses a large part of our life: communication, news, music, movies, shopping. He ordered a taxi, book a table at the restaurant recorded the child in a kindergarten. And it is natural that to pay were often with him.

Become commonplace and contactless payments — via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. People pay so in cafes, stores, pharmacies, gas stations — virtually everywhere already accept payment in this way. It’s convenient: do not need extra time to get the wallet to find the card or cash, to once again enter pincode many payment systems do not require entering pin code for payments up to 1000 rubles.

— If to speak about payment methods, the most popular maps?

— A recent study Mediascope showed that the most popular in PFO online-payment-methods — Internet banking, debit cards, e-wallets. It is noteworthy that the strongest in the region for the year increased the share of electronic wallets by 13%. This for several reasons: no need to go anywhere to open an account and Fund it, it is possible to produce a snapshot of a virtual card for online shopping, pay online, offline and contactless. To lend to a friend to paycheck, to check and pay fines, collect a colleague for a gift, you can recharge your account in the online game, or extend your subscription online cinema — wallet helps to do it all at once in single window mode. It’s a story about fast payments — when you do not have Bank cards or simply have no desire to once again drive it details. When you pay out of your wallet money is debited directly from the account or the card — the system remembers all the details, there is no need to enter each time. Thus, greatly reduced the number of steps in the payment.

— What’s most often the users pay for online?

— Most of all — is to pay for everyday services and of course online shopping. The average payment is about 1500 rubles.

— How popular at Nizhegorodtsev online shopping?

— Very popular. More and more Nizhegorodtsev prefer to go shopping in the Internet instead of to the nearest shopping center. So, over the year the number of purchases in Internet-stores accept payments through Yandex. The cashier, in Nizhny Novgorod grew by 42% of payers has increased by 129%. Most people go online for clothes, shoes, baby products, household appliances, household goods, books. Many online stores along with offline shops that offer before buying a fitting, convenient refund procedure, the possibility to take the goods on credit or installments. Thus, the boundaries between offline and online retailing are blurring. Online, takes offline the best of what you have, and adds to this the comfort, benefit, saving time and effort.

Purchases abroad is also popular among Nizhegorodtsev?

— Yes, foreign online shops is also popular among Nizhegorodtsev — especially Chinese. Several factors: foreign retailers launch Russian-language sites, the range is wider, prices are often significantly lower than in Russian stores. And the price is of course one of the main incentives for buyers. 76% of the respondents choose foreign web sites for lower prices, showed a recent survey. 33% of respondents choose the foreign courts due to the broader range, 32% — because of the possibility to find products that are not in Russia.

But the main factors that deter people from buying overseas is the fear of unscrupulous sellers and often long service. But online stores are working on it. So, for example, to deal with unscrupulous sellers, to guarantee that the product will reach and does not just come, and promised, many sites introduced the buyer protection program. The marketplace in these cases act as intermediaries between the seller and buyer ensure a refund or exchange in case some problem with the product. Of course, this reduces risk and removes the purchasing block people rather deciding on a purchase.

— What other trends can be identified?

Another important trend is the evolution of social Commerce. Social networks, instant messengers are no longer just a means of communication, they also become the place where users sell and buy. People are less willing to leave the comfortable habitat. If here, in the chat, while chatting with friends, you can order concert tickets, sushi at home or a gift for his wife’s birthday — the user will do it. That is why it is becoming popular all over Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. According to Data Insight, already 44% of Russians at least once in your life something bought on social platforms. Social networks, instant messengers, payment services is also promoting this process — come up with a special payment solutions, forms, chat bots.

— What payment innovation still there?

Innovations lot: payment scan the QR codes, billing links, online loans, instant b2b payments, biometric payment with the touch of a palm. In General, the industry is moving towards in order to simplify payments, make them seamless and, perhaps, even without the use of any devices. Who knows, maybe soon there will be a payment by the retina of the eye or with a kiss.

— How will continue to develop online payments in Nizhny Novgorod?

— Nizhniy Novgorod will continue to focus on non-cash. Will continue the transition from offline to online, the penetration of Internet trade and payments in a familiar environment of users, social networks and instant messaging, will increase the popularity of mobile payments. Online payments, so you will become an organic part of life Nizhegorodtsev.

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