In Ukraine, discuss whether it is appropriate to use the iPhone while wearing a shirt. It’s not from the comic section of some yellow newspaper, but a very serious political news. All due to the fact that now the gadgets of Apple to mark Crimea as the Russian region. Early maps show only the name of the city, without specifying the country. Kiev perceived this solution as a personal insult or, more simply, zradu. (treason) by the Ukrainian Embassy in the US has already complained of “Yabloko” in the state Department. Say, note the “incorrect designation of the Crimea.” The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko expressions picked up more expressive. The company likened to a “boor who spits on the pain.” Another added, they say, the gadgets, of course, good, but “global politics is not a strong point of Apple.” All of these public suffering any response yet, so more radical patriots have urged not to talk but to act.

Watch Ukrainian hurt feelings rose shot cartridge of the government Poroshenko — former Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin. Against the background of statements in the state Department and diplomatic discontent of white-collar, he decided to raise the flashmob — products “Yabloko” was initiated to boycott.

“A little, as they say, to abandon Apple if they Crimea is ready to accept Russian? And say: “well, these opportunists, go to another, and this brand is no longer recognize”. They had no jobs. A brand can’t be number one, good-bye,” — said Pavlo Klimkin.

Clear (tremble Cupertino), now the Ukrainians will be gadgets in the trash. This is just one of the passages of the network users, which this proposal clearly amused. Someone even asks the question, why, then, gas has not given up in 2014, in protest?

“No, of course, will not run after the mad calls of Ukrainian politicians to throw away their iPhone and iPad because the Ukraine will objective, policies live on the same planet and the people living on the other. Not so he lives well, to part with this expensive thing. For Russia it, probably, a more important market than the rapidly collapsing Ukraine. Perhaps they have calculated the risks and realized that no one with iPhones are not going to leave,” commented the journalist Dmitry Steshin.

Political analysts believe that this proposal, of course, a farce and an attempt of the ex-Minister to stay in the information field, not to forget.

“The ex-Minister of foreign Affairs is a classic example of how people who have roots in Russia, are trying to disguise themselves as ardent Ukrainian national patriots and to look more Holy than the Pope. Following the example, the slogan of his party “znovu Nikoli” (“Never again”), God forbid that it remained at the level of political wailing freak”, — expressed his opinion of the political scientist Andrei Zolotarev.

However, the Ukrainian political establishment with a magnifying glass otsmatrivat all materials. Known for The Economist showed a video with a map of Ukraine and it was not of the Crimea. Also recently in the British journal Survival has published an article, where Sevastopol is, as it should be, a part of Russia. Earlier The New York Times also showed that the Peninsula to Ukraine has no relation. And every time Kiev was indignant, and asked to fix it. However, many examples are more similar than the mistakes and recognition — maybe the question until Zelensky reach?

“You can, however, also for fun to come somewhere in the center of Kiev, to take a hammer and smash the Apple. Also would be very interested in the concept of its image. Can Klimkin specifically was given the job instead of the President so to speak? It can be. Now we have a phantasmagoria,” said the Professor, head of Department of international relations, National University of management Oleg Soskin.

In fairness, IT experts note that Apple shows the fact that the Crimea where it is necessary only to Russian users. But this is hardly a consolation for Ukraine — for the rest of the world Crimean city does not labeled. Such political correctness.

“Like most technical solutions, it is politically correct and politically incorrect. It is overall a beautiful solution — how to please everyone, without engaging in any conflict. This Apple did. From some point of view, the policy of not joining in the conflict is political correctness. Google likewise behaves exactly the same way Microsoft behaves,” commented programmer Gregory bakunow.

Can brave the idea baykotirovat products before offering to the citizens, is first to test themselves, between fellow officials? To arrange in a fit of righteous anger the massacre of gadgets to show that the fit of patriotism comes from the heart, not from trying to play on the feelings of the people?

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