In September Apple unveiled a new Apple watch Series 4. When the first version of this gadget was introduced a few years ago, no one could clearly answer the question, why they are needed and do I need to do. The special correspondent of”.ru” Michael Karpov, who used the Apple Watch since its inception, trying to answer it, and along with talks about personal experience of using the new Apple Watch Series 4.

— You **** [a sick man]? You broke my bed! — screaming wife.

A few seconds ago I landed on a bed, mimicking the fall: I wanted to check out the new feature of the Apple Watch Series 4, which prevents the falling of the owner and, if he does not move after that for a while, calls him an ambulance. I probably have not convinced the clock in the randomness of the incident, but broke one of the slats on which the mattress lay.

— Hit the floor — continues grumbling spouse. If they still will call you an ambulance, nothing will help.

After several unsuccessful attempts to understand what courage really crash down on the floor I don’t have, and not are similar experiments that risk. Oddly enough, it seems that the new Apple Watch do respond it is on a random drop is checked one West publishing, hiring for that purpose a professional stuntwoman who really knows how to fall.

However, all this was done only out of interest — need to see how the new features since I got the device to test! A large part of the capabilities of hours, announced at the presentation of Apple, make it such that no one will (and will not) actively use, but which can save lives.

Now they, in addition can detect increased heart rate at rest, notice atrial fibrillation, reduced heart rate, accidental falls, and even allow you to do an electrocardiogram (unfortunately, in Russia this feature will probably be activated soon, after all it is necessary to obtain regulatory approval). Cynic, sometimes feeding a small voice in my head says: “That they all promoted, it’s all about money”, but the fact remains. Apple Watch do save lives, and will now do it much more efficiently.

When the first Apple Watch, many enthusiasts have experienced a real disappointment. Well, the company of Steve jobs, where’s your breakthrough innovation? This rectangular box with a wheel in God knows how much money? Well, at least round it made! Love round the clock!

Reviews of the first model reflected the General consensus: Yes, it’s a funny thing that seems to be not possible to miss calls and important notifications, display the weather, does not forget about important events motivating to play sports and shows calories burned… But overall does it all quite mediocre, besides considerably retarding.

However, I like a real fanboy, a couple of months, bought a 42-millimeter aluminum model, directly from store synchronized with the iPhone and put it on your wrist. At first it was terribly uncomfortable last time I wore a watch, probably the year in 2000, and then they quite successfully replaced the cell phone. Then came the smartphone, and the thought of acquiring another unnecessary bling me since not even visited.

But suddenly it turned out that the Apple Watch, despite all the shortcomings, despite the imperfections of the first version of watchOS, a really useful thing! I realized it only after two years when putting the hand strap after a shower, managed to drop the watch on a tile floor and break the display glass shattered.

The first day I missed a couple important phone calls, did not respond in time to messages from work, and workout in the morning did not bring such satisfaction, as usual, it turned out that the closing of the colored circles that show the activity during the day, well motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle (by the way, before I got my Apple Watch, I weighed about 100 pounds and did not even think about morning exercises, not that about the full classes in the hall).

Two weeks later, the soul did not survive. I had to run to the nearest service center and for a lot of money to change the glass. Yes, the first applications on the Apple Watch to use still impossible. Yes, after a workout, they are often discharged on the way home from work. But without them it is bad.

The first watch from Apple is not updated, keeps bad charge the battery, and the glass surface of the monitor had been worn down so sometimes they show a completely insane heart rate, and sometimes even “lose” hand. Well, science knows a lot hityk, progress has gone far ahead, and lays before me a box with brand new Apple Watch Series 4. It’s time to see what happens!

Open the box and find a watch, Packed in a velvety pocket. Out, and they immediately included themselves, calling sync them with the iPhone. I got a 44 mm model, it is significantly bigger than my old 42 mm (up to the fourth series Apple has released 38 and 42-millimeter watch, and now a 40 and 44 mm).

Remember that the first Apple Watch was praised for the fact that they are small, the competition was a giant caricature of the washer. But the 44-graph paper is very neat and looks on the hand is not worse and even better my old man — probably because has become thinner, and the display it now occupies almost the entire front panel. Has changed not only it’s more of a smooth shape, more accurate jog wheel Digital Crown, a nice Golden color aluminum housing…

The only thing that looks weird on my hand, is pastelia pink strap included in the kit. “Change to black, you have!” says a colleague. But I decide that I will firmly adhere to the equipment that was provided to me for review. And let everyone think what they want (perhaps even worth a shot from fellow rainbow band).

The first thing to try anything new and dials a series of Infograph — they only work on the new Apple Watch. Stop on modular. For easy access put the dial training, activity rings, timer (kitchen useful), the detailed forecast of the weather… there is only one slot to want to put the Reminders app (it is convenient to make lists for the trip to the store), but find that you don’t see it. How so? It turns out that not all regular applications can be put on a new dial. Weird, but okay, whatever.

Trying to communicate with the voice assistant Siri. Earlier it was possible to call by long pressing on the scroll wheel Digital Crown or raising the hand with the watch and saying “Hey Siri!” But in the new version of the operating system hours there is a new way — just raise your hand and bring closer to face, then commands can be spoken immediately.

“What time is it?” — ask hours. Watch silent. “What time is it?” — repeated irritably. “Moscow time 15 hours!” — speak colleagues. No, it will not work. Climb in Google. Ah! It turns out that it is not necessary to wait until the screen comes on, you need to speak immediately raised his watch to his mouth. Now all turns out, however, the request “tell a joke” puts Siri to a standstill. She soon stops responding to other questions. What the hell? Untie and re-synced the watch. Here, it’s all right now.

The next morning Wake up take the kids to the garden and go to the gym. Oh yeah! Finally don’t worry about that old clock will show going 200 beats per minute or up to 60 slides on the stationary bike. The pulse is tracked smoothly, the calories burned are considered properly.

Try to check out the new feature — the idea is that the clock should understand that you started to train, and ask, and if you want to start monitoring exercises? Alas, this function is practically useless as a notification comes, it seems, only when running or on the stepper, and then after five or six minutes after the start of classes. And although these same five to six minutes accounted for in the statistics, there was not a single case that I did not launch the appropriate application after two or three minutes after the start.

Auto completion of exercise healthier. It triggers when pulse is reduced to levels of peace. On the other hand, even if I forget to complete tracking sessions, still caught before it makes the Apple Watch.

Strange, but Apple still does not allow its staff to track strength training. It would seem that already have everything: yoga, swimming, and even Hiking as the most popular activity still have to fix using the “other” category. Of course, you can use third-party programs, but they are unnecessarily complicated, for each approach, we have to choose the weight and type of exercise. In short, it is necessary to bother, and I don’t want to.

In the store, a familiar gesture try to turn on the shopping list, but remember that the new dial it is not, but the old use is not desirable. Cursing, climb in the list of applications and launch it from there, and then you notice that the sleeve of the jacket in contact with the glass display has already managed to put a few ticks next to the items that I have not taken. Strange, like with the past hours never happened.

The greatest joy, of course, is that nothing slows, and finally, you can use third-party apps. On the other hand, no reason to do this is still there. Fitness? Enough built. View account balances in the savings Bank? It is easier to shoot, because every time the application requires you first log in Ivonna. Except that card. Yes, now you can finally use it!

Pleased with the fact that to respond to a call, when you sit at home and over the phone too lazy to go, now easier than ever. Past watch lost iPhone cost to go from the kitchen to the living room, and the connection to the subscriber took forever, and even threatened to crash down at any moment. Now everything is fine. You can walk around the apartment without raising the hands, and you still hear. And, most importantly, hear you, a tiny speaker hours became much louder.

Ah, Yes, the wheel is nice clicks as if the transfer arrows on mechanical watches! And the clicks felt under the finger that it turns, not on the hand, akin to some kind of magic. There is no special mechanism for this, and clicks are processed solely by the vibration motor Taptic Engine.

And that, perhaps, everything. Walkie-Talkie, which allows you to send quick voice messages to other Apple Watch users? Thank you, but no. Imagine: you’re sitting at a meeting, forgot to turn on in radio mode “do not disturb”, and then one of your contacts sends you some juicy offer… No, better not even to think about it. Always on the screen? It is still there, although the strange ritual of twisting the wrist to see the notification it has become familiar and is done instinctively.

Apple Watch Series 4 is certainly not a “breakthrough” and “revolutionary new device”, as some write. They are primarily intended for those who are “hooked” on Apple watch, and have been sitting too long on their first generations. Yes, time to upgrade! And please note: although the company claims that the battery lasts for 18 hours, it is not. Given that I receive a ton of notifications, and every day I train, battery operated train is enough for two days, while the first Apple Watch with such a load is often discharged by the evening (and from the very beginning, with a fresh battery).

Well, those who didn’t understand why all this is necessary, I hope, now everything was more or less clear. The Apple Watch is not a cheap thing, but without them, life is much more complicated. I will say that we lived as people without them — and the majority lives and spends 35 thousand on some trinket? Well, when our ancestors lived in caves and felt relatively well. The main thing — time to do to have food for the week ahead enough. On the other hand, of course, children in Africa continue to starve.

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