In Facebook and owned the photo sharing site Instagram has started to ban users who use emojis to convey sexual innuendo. In particular, the restrictions relating to images of an eggplant, peach, droplets, and also some emojis signifying gestures. In addition, to cover the naked parts “emoticons” is now also prohibited and will result in the banning of your account.

The end of eggplant

Censorship fruit and vegetable Emoji has overtaken the social network Facebook and its Instagram photo service, the portal Dazed.

To prevent sexual harassment and debauchery on their platforms, the administrators will block users who use emojis (more known in Russia as “smileys”), depicting the eggplant and peach, for flirting or hint of sex.

The new rules of conduct Facebook Emoji these are described as “context-specific and widely used in sexual innuendo.”

According to the newspaper The Sun, new rules, forbidding to flirt using Emoji, entered into force in August, but was seen by reporters just now. To use Emoji in a sexual context is now considered to be a violation of Facebook policy, and violators are subject to ban. In the prohibited list except eggplant and peach (traditionally symbolizing the penis and buttocks, respectively) were also drops of water, as well as Emoji that are often used in pairs and allude to the sexual contact — the hand with the index finger and the hand, showing two fingers, “okay.”

In addition, Emoji is now impossible to close nudity. It is known that Instagram was allowed to publish “naked” photos, if genitals and female nipples are covered with something. This is often used by stars and popular bloggers, hiding “adult content” for Emoji. Now such a course does not take place.

In this policy the use of Facebook stating that the publication, containing the threat Emoji, shall not offer or request from other users sex. If not, the content does not violate the rules and remains on the platform.

For example, if it is a freehand drawing depicting sexual activity, but not with any kind of comment.

The official representative of Facebook in the comments said that the social network and Instagram do not block sexual Emoji indiscriminately.

“The content is deleted from Facebook or Instagram only if it contains sexual Emoji, coupled with a certain veiled or asking for naked photos, sexual intercourse or dialogue on sexual issues,” — said the speaker of the company.

Among other things, freedom of “sexual expression” will be those users who will want to raise the issue of violence or slavery — this publication will not be removed because of its social significance.

However, given that some of the work of the moderators takes on artificial intelligence in the future is not excluded cases when legitimate publications can still be banned.

It is worth noting that Instagram has long been concerned about the raised sexuality eggplant Emoji. Three years ago users were forbidden to seek publication for this Emoji. Tellingly, punitive sanctions have not touched the other elongated vegetables and fruits, e.g., banana.

In addition, the beta version of iOS 10.2 from the Apple icon peach has been changed, becoming more like the fruit than on the buttocks. However, some time later, the company went on about the users, who accused her of the murder of sexting (exchange of messages of an intimate nature), and returned Emoji peach usual form.

Inclusiveness in pictures

In the iOS version 13.2 appeared more than 60 new emojis depicting living beings, objects and gestures. For example, users of iOS devices now available image otters, orangutans and skunk and also an Emoji of garlic, the falafel and waffles.

In addition, the new package from Apple there is clearly a trend of inclusiveness — for example, it presents gender-neutral people.

In addition, Emoji couple holding hands, you can edit for themselves — by choosing the gender and skin color of each of the men.

You can also note the appearance of Emoji is intended to refer to people with disabilities. Now in the list you can see the ear with a hearing aid, a mechanical prosthetic arms and legs, and also the person in the wheelchair and a person with a white cane. Each of these Emoji people will be presented in three versions: male, female and gender-neutral.

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