Many users were outraged when they learned that Google plans to limit the ability of ad blockers in Chrome. However, few people noticed that similar measures already introduced in Safari, when Apple did not even criticized.

Over the past six years, Apple gradually leveled job ad blockers in Safari. It is to this approach, many users expressed a sharply negative attitude in the case of Google.

Apparently, Apple was a little more penetrating than the American search giant, as cupertinos began to betray their plans to the public.

Instead, Apple long feed, we talk about protecting users ‘ privacy. If the Corporation has mentioned that the effectiveness of ad blockers will suffer, people’s reaction would be quite different.

It all started with the fact that Apple a few years ago introduced App Extensions — a mechanism by which applications can implement their features in other programs.

The company from Cupertino, App Extensions should work in tandem with the technology Content Blocker, which was introduced in iOS 9 2013.

In fact, this means that apps and extensions can use the API Content Blocker that Safari will dictate what content to block before displaying the web page. The lock will be on the basis of a set of rules.

After Apple for several years, has tested these two functions, the company realized that developers creating extensions for Safari, no longer needed. Instead, they can just use the app in the App Store to provide users with additional Safari features.

Therefore, the previous ecosystem of extensions was deprecated. As a result, in mid-2018, Apple announced the end of support for “outdated” extensions.

By the end of 2018, Safari started to display the following warning: “Safari, disabled extensions, which can slow down your browser”.

Of course, some of these “outdated” extensions and was ad blockers. While most users didn’t even notice it because they were told only about the benefits of innovation.

In the beginning of the month it became known that Mozilla decided not to follow the example of Google’s new policy of blocking ads. The developer of the Firefox browser will continue to support the extension for blocking ad content.

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