Nokia plans to win the race cameras.

For a few months already know that Nokia is developing an unusual smartphone Nokia 9 with five cameras. Today, the Chinese case manufacturer has made yet another confirmation of Nokia by publishing quality images smartphone.

Published images have confirmed that Nokia is actually creating a smartphone with five cameras. According to the leak, lens rear camera Nokia 9 will be located on a circular platform is pretty decent size. The main sensor will be placed in the center, and around him will be four additional cameras, sensor depths and flash.

Thus, the original design of Nokia 9 got another confirmation. But the characteristics of the cameras, including resolution, currently remain unknown. Because of this, it is not clear how broad will the photographic capabilities of the new smartphone Nokia.

Insiders also said that Nokia 9 will receive a 5.9-inch full display with minimal side frames. The upper and lower frames of the smartphone are clearly visible, and Nokia does not intend to abandon them completely.


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