Smart glasses are still very far from perfect. In 2013, Google made a bet on smart glasses Google Glass, but unfortunately, the project was a failure. The sad experience of Google is almost the same Apple. However, all is not hopeless.
North American company introduced its version of smart glasses called Focals. Users have appreciated their technical merit, in particular, the availability of the Internet service Spotify. Control glasses available even when display is off by using a special ring Loop with a small joystick.

Loop gives you the opportunity to skip to the next song or “rewind” the music in the opposite direction, and also to play tracks and to pause. Focals offer users the shortest routes to the planned places to visit and also suggests a possible delay on the route.

Another important feature of North Focals — Rewind. With its help, users are able to record speech at a business meeting, and later will receive an email with the transcript and access the audio.

Plus, with their help you can view of the user, weather information, and perform other operations — for example, to control “smart home” with functions Alexa. The glasses connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and support Android and iOS.

The standard version of North Focals will cost about $ 600 without a prescription and 800 — prescription. In addition, for fit of smart glasses under a specific user will require a 3D scanning where you need to go to specialty stores in new York or Toronto.

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