11.4.1 vulnerability in iOS that allows you to bypass the limitation of USB function Restricted Mode, in fact is not. It follows from the technical support service section of Apple’s website where it says that some USB accessories can be turn off.

Accessories for iPhone

“You can allow your iOS device to have constant access to USB accessories, for example, if you are using an external device for entering password on a locked iPhone, the site says. Many of these devices automatically get access when you first connect”.

This is what was said in the report ElcomSoft. When you first connect the auxiliary USB accessory iPhone stops the timer lock Lightning connector. Otherwise, users with disabilities just won’t be able to enter a password to access the smartphone. For this reason, the countdown does not stop when the connection is non-functional accessories like adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm.

Why not charging iPhone

In addition, the content of the document, activating a USB Restricted Mode in some situations may not only limit the amount of data, but also to prevent charging the iPhone. In this case, the user will need to authorize the connection of the charger by entering a password.


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