In the production of “smart” watches Apple Watch uses illegal labour students, foreign media reported. According to human rights organizations, at the plant of one of Apple’s suppliers in China, young people attending College, working at night and resting only one day a week, which is contrary to local laws.

Threatened with non-delivery

Apple launched an investigation after a complaint from the human rights organisation Sacom, claiming that one of the suppliers of the “Apple” brand used illegal labor in the Assembly of the Apple Watch, reports the Financial Times.

We are talking about the company Quanta Computer, based in Taiwan. Human rights activists on the Quanta Computer factory in Chongqing, the Chinese working illegally, students of the local College. Twenty-eight young people stated that they were sent to the plant “practice”, but in fact they performed the same work as the employees of the factory.

In addition, they often processed their shifts and worked nights, which is a gross violation of the rights of students.

“Our shift was at night, from eight at night until eight in the morning. Week supposed just one day off,” said one of the victims.

Another argues that all the Quanta Computer factory illegally employs “about 120” students who are “like robots” perform monotonous, repetitive tasks.

Eleven of the twenty-eight students reported that their teachers threatened them with failure to examination if they give up the summer practices.

“We started an emergency investigation into allegations that the September interns are working overtime in the night shift. We will not tolerate violation of our standards and take action to remedy the situation, if there are infringements”, — said the representative of Apple. Representatives from Quanta Computer has not yet provided any comment on this situation.

“They volunteered”

Despite the fact that Apple CEO Tim cook every year reports on the improvement of working conditions at many factories of the company abroad, the build process is too difficult to control.

Last year a similar situation occurred at Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou. Main supplier of components for Apple illegally hired students to produce iPhone X demand exceeded supply.

Then College students aged 17 to 19 years, which is also threatened with non-delivery, worked in a factory 11 hours a day.

“We were forced to work here our school. Moreover, this practice has nothing to do with our specialty,” said 18-year-old miss Yang, which States that collected 1,200 cameras for iPhone X daily.

Apple and Foxconn admitted that recorded cases of processing on the part of students, but said that young people worked voluntarily.

“All the work was carried out on a voluntary basis and were paid accordingly. But interns are really working overtime, which is a violation,” — said the official representative of Foxconn.

According to one of the employees of the factory in Zhengzhou, the management hires a lot of students in the “hot” season from August to December. Thus, the number of workers at the plant increased to 300 thousand people that gather to 20 thousand iPhones per day.

Privacy is the priority

Last week Apple CEO Tim cook criticized his competitors from Silicon valley. According to cook, the leakage of personal data of recent years demonstrate that the world is a war, a weapon in which is information.

He condemned the company earns by selling ads, stating that they are “real police” and make good on this.

“In our company, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, but accept that not everyone thinks the same way. The desire to put profit over privacy is nothing new,” he added, referring to the company Facebook and Google, whose monetization depends on selling advertising.

In addition, the CEO supported the adoption of the law on protection of personal data such as adopted in the European Union of the rules of the GDPR.

Today, 30 October, Apple will hold a presentation in which will show your new device. “Газета.Ru” hold text online broadcast of the event.

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