iPhone — a profitable investment.

One of the advantages of iPhone over other smartphones is the possibility of subsequent profitable resale. iPhone depreciates much slower Android smartphones, which once again proved a major study of the Bank My Cell, and also our own check in the Russian reality.

The managers of the trading company of the Bank My Cell installed on how to quickly lose its original price of iPhone and Samsung smartphones. It turned out that the iPhone depreciate from two times slower.

So, X iPhone with the original price of $999 could be sold nine months after release for $700. Price of a smartphone fell to $290 or 30.9 percent. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy S9, until recently, flagship smartphone, with an original cost of $720, lost in the 9 months since its release $430 or 59.7 per cent.

The other smartphone manufacturers, including Huawei and Xiaomi, are falling in price even faster, said the researchers.

We decided to check the statistics from the foreign experts and performed their own testing at the same Apple and Samsung. The only difference between our testing is that the iPhone X to date came a year and a half ago, and Galaxy S9 a year ago.

Price X iPhone in Russia at the start of sales was 79 990 rubles. Currently, after 541 days after the release of the smartphone, you can buy it on popular sites your ads at an average price of 46 thousand rubles. For the half year iPhone X has dropped in price by 33 thousand rubles, or 41%.

Price Galaxy S9 in Russia at the start of sales was 59 990 rubles. Now, exactly a year after the release of the smartphone, it can be purchased for an average of 27 thousand rubles. The decline in prices for the year amounted to 33 thousand rubles, or 55%.

Even in the sale for six months longer iPhone X Galaxy S9, the flagship of Apple have fallen in price significantly less. Thus, the statistics from the experts Bank, My Cell is confirmed. iPhone lose their price much slower than Android smartphones.

Source: Bank My Cell.


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