The unexpected discovery.

Although the appearance of the iPhone XS virtually nothing has changed compared to the iPhone X, not all the covers from the “ten” ideal to a new smartphone. The iPhone camera is the XS was a little longer than the iPhone camera X. because Of this, some cases from iPhone X to iPhone XS is put on imperfectly. Including the original covers from Apple.

Experts of Japanese resource Macotakara measured the iPhone camera XS. As it turned out, her height is 25.50 mm, while the iPhone camera X the figure is of 24.13 mm. Also at a fraction of a millimeter decreased the width of the iPhone camera XS.

Such a change is enough to make some very finely executed covers from iPhone X did not come to the iPhone XS. In particular, we are talking about original Apple. One of these iPhone covers from X, but put on the iPhone XS is presented below.

As you can see, the fit of the case on the iPhone imperfect. In Macotakara said that when I was putting the case on the iPhone XS, that it had to do with the use of a lot of effort. This is unusual for the original expensive Apple. To use a case with such a small discrepancy can, however, there is a real risk of damage to the camera due to the increased load.

Apple currently has not commented on the situation.

Source: Macotakara.


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