To ensure fast charging of the new iPhone will require only those chargers that have a certified standard of C-AUTH. This writes the Japanese resource Mac Otakara, citing informed sources. So Apple wants to protect owners of branded smartphones from the use of counterfeit accessories.

Standard certification C-AUTH is intended to protect consumers from the risk of collision with harmful equipment that could potentially harm the main unit. Such protection is particularly relevant especially in the case of accessories, allowing fast charging when current is applied to increased from the baseline speed.

Fast charging for iPhone

According to Mac Otakara, Apple intends to restrict the use of non-certified chargers completely. Consumers who do not want to overpay for the accessories license, will still remain the right to charge your iPhone with the help of potentially counterfeit products. However, in this case the output of the power supply units will be limited to 2.5 watts.

As it became known this spring, Apple has decided to equip the new model of iPhone 18-watt memory, to provide them with fast charging out of the box. According to open sources, the manufacturer intends to supply the described accessories exclusively bundled with smartphones a new generation, limiting their availability and not bringing in the free market.


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