Within WWDC 2019 Apple devoted a lot of attention to the button Sign in with the Apple. According to kupertinovtsy, this decision not only greatly simplify the user’s life, but also help to protect their personal information. However, the OpenID Foundation does not quite agree with this statement.

In the words of the representatives of the nonprofit organization, which is engaged in the development and maintenance of the authentication system OpenID, cupertinos used many of the features of their platform. However Sign in with the Apple and OpenID has a number of significant differences. They create risks for the security and privacy of users.

Now representatives the OpenID Foundation has called for Apple to close any gaps between Sign in with the Apple and OpenID Connect. This will make a new authentication method is not only convenient, but also reliable.

It is worth noting that in the past the Sign in with Apple has been criticized. However, while innovation was not happy with the developers. The latter did not like the Apple install the it button, above the rest.


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