The specialists of the resource iFixit has conducted “autopsy” AirPods wireless headphones 2, which Apple officially unveiled March 20. These headphones are equipped with a chip H1, support for voice activation Siri and evaluated a minimum of 13 490 rubles.

This novelty turned out to be non repairable from the word “absolutely,” you earned 0 points out of a possible 10 on iFixit’s scale. The point is that any attempt to get to the electronics will damage the case headphones.

The same problem applies to charging case, which is equipped with a battery of 398 mA·h All this specifies that the headphones are essentially “disposable”. As soon as they fail or fall the battery capacity, it will be easier to buy a new one.

We should note that social media users argue the benefits of AirPods 2. Some talk about improving the sound quality, while others argue that the situation has not changed.

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