Everything you need to know about the new method.

Many clients of “Sberbank” consider themselves to be vigilant enough to not fall for the various tricks of swindlers. However, attackers are constantly improving their methods are starting to apply the methods of deception that can surprise even alert people. One of them told a client, “Sberbank”, which was robbed with the use of unusual fraud.

The essence of the method

Client “Sberbank” shared his story on the Internet, detailing how she stole more than 129 thousand rubles. 4 December 2018 she received a call from the security service of “Sberbank” with the number +7 (495) 500-55-50. Introduced himself as the Manager of “Sberbank” the woman reported, what the Bank card clients are recorded attempts of money transfer to Qiwi purse.

Being alert, she immediately remembered that such calls can come from fraud. So she immediately checked the number online and found that it really belongs to the Bank. After that, suspected fraud she disappeared.

And, of course, she fell for the Scam, because I believed that the call comes from Bank employees. The situation was exacerbated by the professionalism of the fraud. The original woman who spoke very politely, offered to undergo the procedure of cancellation questionable transfer without blocking. She then moved the victim to “a more qualified employee.” All this was done in order to make the sacrifice.

The new employee began to carry out the procedure “return of money”. He stated that currently the funds that the crooks tried to withdraw from her Bank account, reserve account and must withdraw at the main. Then he began to perform the transfer requesting client of Sberbank passwords that came to her as SMS. When the woman told the scammer the password to her Bank account were transfers on account of scams. In the end, the victim of fraud lost more than 129 thousand rubles.

How not to get into a similar situation?

As you can see, scammers use increasingly sophisticated ways of cheating. In the above example, from the client’s “savings” the crooks not only changed the room, but also simulated the work of real security. In addition, the scammers knew the identity of the victim and skillfully they wielded.

Not to get into such a situation, it is necessary to remember that “savings” will not ask you for verification code from SMS for the translation. Of course, you can forget about it, especially when criminals fraudulently led to believe that they really are members of the “Sberbank”. However, this is the only way to fully protect yourself and your Bank account from any trouble.


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