A real threat!

Cyber safety specialist Troy hunt found the biggest leak of hacked user accounts in recent years. In cloud storage, MEGA has been published the archive Collection #1 size 87 GB that contains 772 million e-mail addresses for various web services and more than 22 million passwords for accounts. A huge number of hacked accounts from this archive before been published online, so users are strongly advised to check their accounts for signs of hacking and, if necessary, to change the password. How to check and find out whether an address is in your email list hacked told in this material.

According to experts on cybersecurity, 28% of the accounts and the password from the archive Collection #1 before been published on the Internet. Given the total size of the database of hacked accounts, a lot in connection with what experts recommend users to check their accounts.

The threat really is. A link to the archive, assembled by unknown hackers that was published on one of the main hacker forums. She was free for a long time, but at the moment the staff of cloud storage, MEGA has closed access to it.

To check your account in the archive Collection #1 is quite simple. Troy hunt had previously designed a special service that allows you to determine whether a particular postal address in one of the public database of hacked accounts. The developer promptly supplemented his service with the new archive Collection #1.

In order to find out if you need to change the password of their account, required to use the service Have I Been Pwned, by entering the email address on the website. If your account is compromised, the service indicates this. In this case, it is strongly recommended to change password as e-mail, and other services in which the identical password.

Source: Twitter.


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