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In the Internet every day there are dozens of reviews from dissatisfied subscribers of MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 that their rooms were connected paid services, of course, without the knowledge of the users. The majority of subscribers blame the mobile operators. However, most paid services will be activated for another reason.

Paid services via web scripts

MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 do not connect pay expensive services just like that — it’s against the law. In the majority of cases of paid option are connected to subscribers as a result of triggering the special scripts on malicious web sites.

Such scripts are installed on the various web sites, including relatively popular. When a user logs on a website from a smartphone, the developers of the site get access on his device, and the phone number. Further, the site owners can use this information for their own benefit, including to connect paid services this room.

The massive use of such scripts is confirmed by representatives of the leading Russian operators. One of the subscribers of “Beeline” complained the connection is paid and very expensive services category 18+ on its telephone number. The money from the user’s account is debited for a whole month, until it finally drew attention to connected paid service.

The support operator had checked and found that the caller was indeed connected expensive paid service. The support explained to the caller that if he did not activated the service, it was either a virus or a web script on one of the malicious sites.

How to protect yourself?

First and foremost, it is recommended not to visit the questionable websites that may be malicious. However, a far more effective way is the prohibition of connection of such paid services. With “Beeline” you can do this by activating our free “Control costs” by sending a USSD-command *110*5062#. On “the Megaphone” it is necessary to send the command *526#, which prohibits service connection with short numbers. For MTS, the prohibition of paid subscriptions is activated by sending the command *984#. And in Tele2 is required to send the command ✶189#.


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