Update the classics.

Notepad — classic standard Windows operating system, the use of which had, perhaps, to everyone. As it turned out today, even classics can be improved. Microsoft unexpectedly released an update to Notepad by adding several useful features.

Updated “Notepad” appeared in the latest build of Windows 10. The program has retained its normal appearance, fully recyclable, as is the case with 3D Paint, not a speech. Instead of the interface changes Microsoft has added to the “Notepad” useful in everyday use.

Text in window updated “Notepad” to scale. This requires that you hold down the Ctrl key and make the mouse scroll or press the “+” or “-“. Before to change the font size in Notepad can be had only in the settings, which definitely causes discomfort.

A nice little improvement has occurred in the functions search and replace text. These last values are now saved in the search box, making re-search more convenient.

Also in Notepad, support Ctrl + Backspace. She is responsible for deleting whole words. Many users are accustomed to use this combination in a third-party text editors. Her appearance in “Notepad,” they really make. The last feature of the regular text editor Windows 10 is the option to display line numbers when off text wrapping in rows.

In Microsoft said that in addition to the new features in Notepad, the work was carried out on the optimization. However, given that the program was always known for its rapid speed, it was not necessary.

Source: The Verge.


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