The team of Novosibirsk from the company “Apple service” had converted an old Apple iMac 1998 in a modern computer.

As told the correspondent NGS Director of “Apple service” Eldar Akhmetov, the work on the upgrading of the computer took one month.

“the iMac has brought us out of the theater “Red torch”. He weighed 20 pounds. The troupe is riding with this performance across Europe, across Russia, and it is very difficult, and, secondly, there is no modern program is not. We had a task to upgrade the iMac, so there was a modern iron, there was wifi, all the modern features in the old building, and that was easier,” — said Eldar Akhmetov.

According to him, only for upgrades iMac took about 35 thousand rubles.

“Now it lightweight modern. This upgrade is interesting because as we — no one else did. The costly part of the basic — MacBook Air (installed inside of the old building. — Approx.ed.) from the 11th diagonal, which costs about 30 thousand rubles. Plus all sorts of wires. In the 35 thousand for this modernization”, — said Eldar Akhmetov.

Recently the staff of the Museum of Novosibirsk state technical University found in one of the laboratories of the University the old machine for examination. It wants to restore.

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