Apple has unveiled their plans.

Rumors that Apple plans to release its own augmented reality glasses have received direct confirmation. Today Apple has absorbed American startup Akonia Holographics, which produces lenses for VR points. Lenses Akonia Holographics differs from the analogues by the fact that they are very light and thin.

The company Akonia Holographics is very different from the other startups involved in developments in the field of augmented reality. Akonia Holographics was founded by a group of scientists who were initially engaged in creating a unique holographic system that can store data. And only in the last couple of years they began to create lenses for augmented reality, using its own technology.

One of the unique technologies Akonia Holographics is HoloMirror. It allows you to project full-color three-dimensional image on lenses for AR points. This means that the user sees the augmented reality object in a high quality and color. This is the solution and Apple needs to create augmented reality glasses, which could become a hit around the world, experts say.

Previously, various sources have reported Apple’s plans to release its own augmented reality glasses aimed at the mass market. Tested informants Bloomberg said that Apple plans to release VR glasses in 2020. However, neither the price nor the features of the upcoming device at the moment, was not disclosed.

Source: Reuters.


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