Apple almost certainly has decided to replace the iPad Mini, 6.5-inch X iPhone Plus. To such conclusion the colleagues of the publication iHelpBR discovered in the program code of iOS 12 beta 5 information about the screen resolution of the future of smartphone emulation which allowed me to reconstruct the tablet interface mapping model of the operating system.

As you probably know, iOS in different ways renders the interface on the iPhone and iPad. This is well evident in the standard apps on your tablet are displayed in expanded form, while the mobile — collapsed. For example, on the iPad in the app “Messages” on the left you will see the contacts list, and right – message conversation started.

iPhone X Plus 2018

Due to the fact that the screen resolution 6.5-inch iPhone Plus X is equal to x 1242 2688 points, it will be possible to realize tablet the display format of the interface. Thus, the future phablet has all chances to become the ultimate tool for users who need a large screen and all the benefits of iPad in a compact body.


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