How?Checked how much time my Apple Watch Series 2 on watch OS 5 work without recharging.

Removed the watch from the site at 7 am the first day and left with a dead gadget to 17 hours following. Repeating this “exercise” 6 times, and the result has always been about 34 hours.

I needed 5 hours to watch live to 22, when I often already at home and go to bed.

So I deal with energy-intensive processes and have collected a set of tips that helped me to get closer to this result.


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1. Do not use maximum screen brightness

Like us on an average value of brightness in the menu, Watch – > “Brightness and size of the text” on the iPhone.

In the Apple Watch is set quite high-quality OLED screen, half brightness which is enough to see everything you need both indoors and outside during the day.

Sure, at maximum brightness, it makes no sense, and the energy it consumes is not small.

2. Remove activation when turning wrist

How: move to idle position switch “When lifting the wrist” Watch in menu > General > “Activation” screen on the iPhone.

If you disable automatic activation, switch on the Apple Watch screen will be a simple tap.

In my case not to use this feature constantly not as convenient, but to disable it on group activities is even possible.

3. Be sure to get familiar with the regime “Theater”

How: allow a label with a picture of the masks in the “control room” on the Apple Watch.

If you didn’t shoot the Apple Watch even during sleep, use the mode “Theatre”.

It turns off the backlight after turning, and, on the one hand, is the temporal analogue of the previous paragraph.

However, in the mode “Theatre” the Apple Watch will not show the notification.

4. Don’t use the “Hey Siri”

How: move to idle position switch “Hey Siri” in Settings > General > Siri on the Apple Watch.

Around enough gadgets that respond to “Hey Siri”. I see no reason to load it more and the Apple Watch.

Moreover, the use of voice assistants so far it seems to me not very good idea.

5. Remove activate Siri turn of the wrist

How: move to idle position switch “tap and speak” in the menu Settings > General > Siri on the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 5, you can activate Siri without any commands. Simply rotate your wrist to lift the Apple Watch and dictate the task.

This feature according to my observations consumes a lot of energy, and it can easily be disabled.

6. Remove applications that you do not use

How: move to idle position switch “Displayed on Apple Watch” in the app menu to Watch on the iPhone.

Even if you don’t use the programs on the Apple Watch, they are updated regularly through the iPhone and spend on this process cherished battery life hours.

Remove the useless and wins.

7. Disable updating of content in apps

How: move to idle position switch “Updating content” in the same menu Watch > General on your iPhone.

Even if you disable automatic updating of app content in the background, it will continue to do those that added to your dials.

By and large, refusing this opportunity, you generally have nothing to lose.

8. Turn off notifications that are not needed

How: select “Notifications off” in the app menu to Watch > Notifications on the iPhone.

Over the years the use of the Apple Watch, I came to the conclusion that 90% of the notifications simply don’t need.

I recommend to leave only the most important, the rest you can view from iPhone.

9. Give up the control of cardiac activity

How: select “Off” in menu Watch > “Pulse” > “High heart rate” on iPhone.

The Apple Watch can monitor heart rate jumps more than 10 minutes when you are at rest.

If you have no inclination to heart problems, can not use this feature.

10. Turn on energy savings for training

How: move into the active position, the switch “power saving Mode” in the menu Watch > “Training” on the iPhone.

To prolong battery life hours, this option will turn off the monitor when you are walking or running.

The calculations are not so accurate, but they will be more than enough to control your activity.

11. Use the extra autonomy

How: activate eco from the menu of the battery, which you can enable from the “control room” on the Apple Watch.

In the end, you can use the extra energy savings.

It disables all functions of the Apple Watch in addition to displaying the time that will appear by pressing the side button.

The only “but”: in this case, you actually turn off the watch, and to join they will be quite slow.

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