A string of robberies of Apple Store in California has forced the company to hire police to guard shops. Now sneak out of the MacBook or iPhone will be much harder.

This decision was taken by the cupertinos after daring robberies in several cities of the state. So the Apple Store in Roville the kidnappers visited twice a day, and the store in Palo Alto was robbed twice in 12 hours. In both cases, a few men went in the trading room, took from the stands MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple equipment and seamlessly walked out of the store.

According to CBS Sacramento, now every retail shop Sacramento is guarded by at least one armed COP. Buyers noted that they feel much calmer and more confident in the presence of police officers. It can be assumed that in the near future protection will be placed in other trade points of the network.

It is worth noting that Apple retail stores were robbed before. For example, several years ago, thieves tried to steal a batch of iPhone. And this was done right in the first day of sales. But this unfortunate incident has had little impact on the availability of the iPhone – almost all who came to the store, the users have got previously ordered equipment.


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