The event 2019 GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA announced the Jetson Nano — compact productive computer AI for $99, allowing you to create “smart” system.


NVIDIA Jetson Nano is a compact solution based on CUDA-X for the tasks associated with AI. The device is built on 4-core chipset with ARM A57, 128-core GPU architecture NVIDIA Maxwell.

The amount of RAM LPDDR4 standard is 4 GB, bandwidth — 25.6 GB/s, and ROM — 16 GB eMMC. The computer will be running Linux for Tegra. Dimensions mass module be 70×45 mm, and the developer kit — 100×80 mm.

Performance and power consumption

The hardware platform allows you to play 4K video at up to 60 FPS, its performance in modern AI applications is 472 gigaflops, and power consumption — 5 watts.


Jetson Nano has support for multiple sensors with high resolution and is able to run multiple networks on each stream with each sensor. In addition, the device is compatible with many popular AI frameworks.

The package

The module includes a power management unit, frequencies, memory and interfaces, and is compatible with most peripherals and accessories. Along with the kit supplied instructions and finished projects from NVIDIA, in addition, the manufacturer will support forums for developers Jetson.

The cost and release date

NVIDIA Jetson Nano will be available in two versions — the developer kit for $99 and ready-mass device for $129 (for orders of 1000 units or more), deliveries will begin in June. Both versions of the Jetson Nano will be available through major distributors of NVIDIA and the developer kit will also be available from Seeed Studio and SparkFun.

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