The owners of the companies Tesla and Nvidia in absentia discussed chips for self-driving cars and the possible cooperation.

During a recent conference with investors Executive Director of Nvidia Jensen Huang asked what he thinks about the desire of Tesla to use their own CPUs to manage corporate vehicles.

First, Juan talked about the Nvidia under the name Xavier. It is productive, it is very difficult to manufacture chip for cars with autopilot, which should have a significant impact on the industry.

He then moved to the topic of Tesla and said he was ready to cooperate with the Corporation Elon musk.

“If something goes wrong, and Tesla does not work, then we will be very happy to help,” said Juan.

Musk, in turn, during a call with investors announced that Tesla is working on its own hardware product and do not plan to use the device developed by Nvidia. And after the founder of Tesla saw the offer Jensen Juan’s assistance, wrote a tweet, which praised the potential partners, but politely refused to cooperate.

“Nvidia makes great hardware. I have great respect for Jensen and his company. But our needs are very specific and closely tied to the software that we ourselves create,” added Elon.


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