NEW YORK, April 27. /TASS/. Apple tends to monopoly in the field of application, controlling usage time of mobile phones. As reported in Saturday newspaper the New York Times, the company under Tim cook only for the last year has removed or limited the functionality of at least 11 such programs.

Publishing together with the analytical Sensor platform Tower revealed a trend in which the mobile giant from Cupertino (California) is putting pressure on developers whose programs allow parents to limit the time and content to which their children receive when using smartphones. Such applications also allow users to obtain statistics on the time use gadgets.

In total, Apple has deprived the basic functionality or even remove from the App store 11 out of 17 of the most popular, including paid programs that provide the opportunity to “parental control”. The restrictions were also many less well-known such applications. It is clarified that the restrictive measures on the part of Apple increased after a similar feature — Screen Time — there is in a standard operating system for its iPhone and iPad tablets.

Earlier it became known that “Kaspersky Lab” has directed to Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the Russian Federation the complaint to Apple. It concerned the fact that the American company demanded “Kaspersky Lab” to exclude from Kaspersky Safe Kids two main functions that it has passed the audit and could be placed in the App store. We are talking about the possibility of application control and blocking the Safari browser. Before this app about three years was available to Apple users and not cause issues from the Corporation, indicated in the “Kaspersky Lab”.

The manufacturer also stressed that the change in Apple policy against Kaspersky Safe Kids occurred right after the American company presented its own function Screen Time, which in essence is a parental control app from Apple.

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