During the recent autumn Apple presentation bragging about how much she was able to increase the battery life in their new iPhone. Many media stated that this is generally the biggest breakthrough in this matter for all time of existence of the smartphone line from Apple. But as it turned out, Apple company wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t let a little dust in the eye.

As part of its presentation, Apple announced from the stage that the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will work on 4 and 5 hours more than the iPhone XS and XS Max respectively. The reality was less rosy — smartphones gained autonomy on average, about hours of work that looks not so impressive.

A similar story happened with an ideological continuation iPhone XR — if the scene was said that the iPhone 11 will live for an hour longer than its predecessor, probably the most Autonomous of the iPhone all the time, and the difference was a length in 6 minutes. And, interestingly, not in favor of iPhone 11 — the cinematic new generation have lived in 6 minutes or less on a single charge than the XR.

Recall that the new generation iPhone will go on sale September 20. But some time before the advent of the smartphone on the shelves, many obzorschiki received pre-release samples for various tests.

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