Head of corporate communications of the company “Yandex” commented for NSN initiative of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) the largest scale since the 1920’s years of the tax reform. The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) is preparing a large-scale change in the global tax system. According to experts, this could be the most significant reform of the tax rules since the 1920s years. According to the initiative of the OECD and transnational technology companies should pay taxes in proportion to the profits that they receive in a particular country. The new system could lead to a global redistribution of taxes and complicate companies fleeing to so-called tax havens, according to “Kommersant”. The OECD intends to send their proposals to the Ministers of economy of the “big twenty”, which needs to hold a meeting on October 17-18. Head of corporate communications of the company “Yandex” Ilya Grabowski in an interview with NSN said that they can reform not affected, since the company is a tax resident of Russia. “The rich of Russia will not escape”. Economist to toughen taxation “of course, We follow various international tax initiatives. But the key market for Yandex — Russia. We are a Russian tax resident and pay a total of more than 38 billion rubles of taxes a year,” he said. We will note that earlier in the tax evasion blamed Apple. The Corporation has placed its European branches in Ireland, as the country’s low corporate taxes. In addition, the company was able to negotiate tax breaks, paying only 1% of the income, and in some years — just 0.005 per cent. Similar charges at the time made against Facebook, Google, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks.

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