Innovation will make life easier for Bank customers.

Sberbank officially announced that from 3 December 2018, the Bank started to gradually introduce an important restriction on money transfers to cards. Under the new rules, “Sberbank” prohibits the transfer of money by phone number on all credit cards. The ability to transfer money via the phone number will be only for debit cards.

The press service of “Sberbank” officially confirmed that the innovation already beginning to take effect. On 3 December, “Sberbank” gradually blocks the possibility of transferring money by phone number on the credit card in the regions of Russia. While Sberbank did not specify in what regions the option was already disabled.

Thus, transfers on credit cards of Sberbank is now possible only by card number, which will cause difficulties on the part of customers. On the other hand, Sberbank has decided to change the mechanism of transferring funds as time after a large number of customer complaints.

Customers have complained that remittances by phone number credited to each active card. Sometimes the money for such transfers were entered in the credit card withdrawing money which is paid. This caused not only inconvenience but financial loss. The innovation of the “savings” will exclude such cases.

Representatives of the Bank said that transfers to debit cards will work as before. To perform the transfers will happen as the credit card number, and phone number.


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