The first thing is to appear on the iPhone.

In the most popular in the world WhatsApp messenger will be shown ads. The initiator add ads to WhatsApp users was the General Director of Facebook mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owns WhatsApp). This was stated by Vice-President of WhatsApp Chris Daniels.

Advertising will get to WhatsApp

Ads in WhatsApp will be displayed in the status messenger. According to official statistics, daily WhatsApp status, viewing more than 450 million users. In this regard, advertisements will have to contemplate the most users of messenger.

Initially, the ads will appear in version WhatsApp messenger for iPhone. In the near future ad will reach smartphones running Android, said Daniels. According to him, advertising will be the main way of earning a messenger.

Daniels noted that for display advertising messenger will not collect user data. However, if the user was in Facebook and on his page listed phone number, advertising in WhatsApp will automatically take into account human preferences.


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