Judging from the picture, the woman made a photo with Zelensky during his morning jog.

“Morning with the people’s President” — was signed by stefanec, which shows that in his right hand the President is holding a new phone from Apple.

This year the company introduced three new smartphones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro iPhone Max. The iPhone 11 Pro in Kiev stores in excess of 35 thousand hryvnia (92 thousand).

The salary of the President of Ukraine of September of the current year amounted to 28 thousand UAH (73 thousand), of which 5.5 thousand left to pay taxes. Accordingly, a new camera cost the President at half the salary.

Earlier Zelensky was surprised by the fact that civil servants buy their expensive gadgets with a modest salary. Thus, on 6 July the President during a meeting with representatives of State fiscal service (GFS) in the Transcarpathian customs asked one of those present, from his iPhone while wages in the state are small.

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