Consumers choose a more affordable model.

Analysts WhistleOut recorded the highest demand for the previous iPhone generations. They found that sales of older iPhone models in the fall of 2018, significantly higher than in previous years. According to them, the main reason is too high price for the new iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is sold worldwide. A special success at the flagship Apple in the United States and China, the two most important markets for American companies. However, the case of the latest Apple smartphones could be much better, but many buyers prefer to buy the previous iPhone generations.

A study by WhistleOut showed that the majority of consumers choose the old iPhone, not the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. First, the Apple smartphones of the previous generations fell after the release of the flagships. First, Apple has reduced the price of your old smartphone, and then on the slide massively responded to the retailers.

And secondly, the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max are many simply can not afford. Smartphone price starts from $999 — not everyone is ready to pay such money for a smartphone.

Analysts predicted a similar situation right after Apple announced the price of the iPhone XS iPhone XS. It is expected that the Apple expected this and did not expect a record number of sales of their flagships in quantitative terms.

In addition, the Apple on the approach of a more affordable iPhone XR, which, according to leading experts, will become a major hit in 2018.

Source: WhistleOut.


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