Owners of older iPhone and iPad can start to experience difficulties with the positioning system, if not install the newest software (the software). This was reported on the official website of Apple.

We are talking about models of gadgets that were released before 2012. It is noted that this is due to the problem of transferring GPS time, which began to affect third-party products that support GPS 6 April this year. It is emphasized that the influence of transfer time on Apple gadgets will start at 3am (GMT) on Monday.

The Corporation added that, in particular, users of iPhone 5 without updating the software may lose access to the App Store, iCloud, email, and browser because all of these features depend on date and time.

IPhone 5 users are also warned that if you do not update until 3 November, to update you will need to create a backup of the data, which then must be recovered with a Mac or Windows PC as a wireless update and iCloud backup will not work.

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