The lawyers added work.

Apple again sued. This time the reason for the proceedings was a “do Not disturb the driver”, which appeared in iOS 11. The lawsuit was filed by the company SMTM Technology. Foreign journalists noted that this patent Troll.

The company accused Apple of violating intellectual property rights. The lawsuit States that the function “do Not disturb the driver” copied from a similar system Bovisa nick (Nick Bovis), patented in 2013.

On the idea of the inventor, the driver can select the automatic response that the smartphone was sent on incoming messages, until the owner behind the wheel. In other words, while riding the smartphone were to go into a dormant mode, so as not to distract the user.

SMTM Technology bought the rights for a patent and is now trying to get Apple’s royalty. According to the plaintiff, in Cupertino knew about the Bovisa, but decided not to license it. Apple had hoped that a little-known inventor will not spend money on litigation and to protect their rights in court.

The scheme of the system in the patent Bovisa. Source: Patently Apple

This is not the first lawsuit associated with the function “do Not disturb the driver.” In may of violation of their rights , said the organization also Alert Signal Intellectual Property.

Apple introduced a new feature for drivers in September 2017, when released iOS 11. Official comments on the recent lawsuit, the company has not yet published.

Source: Patently Apple


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