To date, Apple can safely be called a technological giant in the world practically there are no people who do not know the products of this brand. However, it was not always so, and in the beginning the company was quite modest, as evidenced by the fact that it made the very first computers were assembled by hand. Now this a real rarity.

The Internet auction eBay has acquired a unique offer in which buyers are offered a personal computer called the Lisa 1 Apple. It is quite remarkable that the device is in perfectly working condition. To become the owner of a rare instance, you will have to fork over $65 thousand. All these machines that are in working condition, there are about thirty pieces. Up for sale is a model Lisa 1 with the following serial number: No. B08B8323000321 (Applenet number 00103014). This summer, the model celebrated its 35th anniversary, after date of issue — August 18, 1983.

The copy sold in the corresponding configuration — so, together with the rarity the buyer will receive a Lisa 1 and Lisa (keyboard and mouse respectively), endowed with anti-glare filter CRT screen, 5MB Profile HDD and the necessary cables. The computer works under control of operating system Lisa OS 1.0, which company preinstalled on the hard disk. By the way, in the list on this disc includes Lisa-programs, namely Write, Draw, Calc, List, Graph, Project and Terminal.

The assurances are selling this rare instance of human, computing machine is in good condition, but case has scratches and scuffs. He also said that the buyer will receive the unit without quality assurance, but to demonstrate the operation of the device a serious buyer will not be difficult.

It is amazing how responsible approach before the development of new devices. Are you ready to argue, for example, that modern computers would last that long? However, long-term work does not only depend on the manufacturer, but timely diagnosis and proper operation. In the web you can find a huge number of experts and a proven sites that provide a huge range of various services that can be called resource Here you will find not only service computers, but also servers and local area networks, which is very convenient for corporate employees.

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